ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — St. Louis County’s top two Democrats are now locked in a bitter battle with each other, while half of the county’s parks hang in the balance.

It started when St. Louis County Council Chairman Steve Stenger said on KMOX’s Mark Reardon Show, “I think Charlie (Dooley) graduated from high school, I don’t think he has any specialized training.”

Stenger, an accountant and lawyer, was responding to County Executive Charlie Dooley’s assertion that Stenger doesn’t have a handle on the budget.

In a statement Dooley said, “I am confident and secure in my own ability,” adding that Stenger “demeaned and insulted” everybody without a college degree. Dooley also asked Stenger to apologize.

“I certainly said nothing that would warrant an apology,” Stenger said Thursday, adding that he believes Dooley is “very angry” about Stenger’s opposition to his budget proposal and that he is using this as a distraction.

Listen to Mark Reardon’s Full Interview with Steve Stenger:

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  1. Ed Golterman says:

    Two good men caught up in a horrible process and system ‘broken’ by a narrow-minded, small-thinking budget director, and business development officials who don’t know what they are doing. Put this behind you, please.

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