Josh Kraushaar, executive editor of The Hotline at the National Journal, gives us the latest update on the GOP presidential nomination race now that Herman Cain has dropped out.

Brian Wahby, chair of the St. Louis City Democrats, tells us about a letter he wrote to Mitt Romney for when he came in town this weekend for a fundraiser.

Mike Jones, senior policy advisor for St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley, talks with Mark about Dooley’s call for an apology from St. Louis County Council Chair Steve Stenger.

Comments (5)
  1. krime says:

    Mark – you are the BEST! Keep up the great work . . .

  2. debbiesullivan says:

    UnFREAKINbelievable! It’s people like Mike Jones that push the black community away from the “equality” they so propose they want! What an idiot!

  3. Ron says:

    I think Chuck B is right on his comments..IN my opinion some of these shows on KMOX ( some call hate radio) is to negative to others opinions and Hatefull. I think Chuck B is more balanced in his show.

  4. emma says:

    I haven’t listened to KMOX since Rush Limbaugh was added to the schedule. He has had the effect of making a mild and somewhat annoying earnest white guy radio station into a place for bigots of all strengths to gather and bloviate.

    I’m white, but can sometimes recognize racism when I hear it.

  5. Bob Burns says:

    Mark, You were topped by Mr. Jones. How does it feel to be called boy and then react with outrage? Walk a mile in their shoes. You didn’t like it for one minute, try it for over 100 years. Mr. Jones is correct, you’re nothing more than a rush limbaugh want to be, and you really just don’t matter. At 46 your ignorance is astounding. Never have been and never will be a listener. If it we’re for the Cardinals, I would NEVER have kmox 1120 on my radio. Maybe you could enroll in truck driving school. You would have time to reach your largest fan, YOU.

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