ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  As another new year approaches, Mayor Francis Slay is ramping up efforts to knock down the economic and political barriers that separate his city and St. Louis County.

“We’re finding ourselves, a lot of times, competing with each other for jobs and tax dollars or those kinds of things,” Slay tells KMOX News. “But this is a global economy.”

The mayor recently used his Twitter account to ask the question, “Who really thinks that more competing public agendas is better than fewer?”.

Handling the negotiations for St. Louis County is Economic Council President & CEO Denny Coleman.

“If we’re going to do this, it’s got to be done for the right reasons,” Coleman explains. “We’ve got to be able to provide enhanced value for the businesses and citizens of St. Louis city and county.”

He acknowleges that a big part of this process involves public education to convince nay-sayers.

Coleman says opponents to a city-county merger may be under the impression that area leaders would join hands and sing “Kumbaya”, but that’s simply not the case.

“People think that we’re going to end competition in the region. We’re not,” he says. “The real estate community is still going to compete. Municipalities within St. Louis County will still compete.”

Meanwhile, talks between the two sides continue, with St. Louis Development Corporation Executive Director Rodney Crim handling negotiations for the city.

On his blog (, Mayor Slay says he’s like the city to reenter St. Louis County as a municipality, and he hopes to reach some sort of an agreement within the next year.



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Comments (4)
  1. Kathleen Brown says:

    City re-entry to St. Louis County does not mean a merger. I wish everyone would be more specific about this. That is a big part of the education process that needs to be done. Headline should be “City rejoins County.” Not merger.

  2. Nick Kasoff says:

    CIty re-entry would only have a few immediate impacts. The most obvious is, Democrats would totally control St. Louis county government forever. How has single party rule worked out for the city? That, and the county would be pressured to make the earnings tax county-wide. Sounds like a lousy deal to me.

  3. says:

    Coleman was ‘imbedded’ in the County by the City, some years ago.. The City brings nothing to the table.

  4. Ed Golterman says:

    Kathleen: We need no ‘education’, just a reminder of what economic burden the City has been on the County and its tax payers for decades. We understand exactly what this means. The City brings nothing to the table for either merger or
    re-join. It the ‘taker’ in this. End the Zoo Museum tax and give the region an unrestricted MUNY and Kiel Opera House, and may be ‘we talk.’. Grand Center has salivated over County money for decades and the zoo and museums in the Park cant get enough.

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