CLAYTON (KMOX) – Less than a month until the New Year and the budget-balancing debate in St. Louis County is less about dollars and more about education, race and whether a budget gap even exists.

A firestorm was sparked last week when County Executive Charlie Dooley questioned Council Chair Steve Stenger’s budget-balancing experience and Stenger then retorted by pointing out Dooley’s lack of a college education. Dooley demanded an apology for Stenger’s comment.

While interviewing Dooley’s Senior Policy Advisor Mike Jones, KMOX talk show host Mark Reardon admitted “baiting” Stenger into making the remark. Jones explained that Dooley was offended by the comment because he remembers a time in history when African-Americans’ intelligence was routinely questioned.

Reardon and Jones tangled over that assertion, which led to Jones asking Reardon, “How old are you, boy?”

Listen to the “Mark Reardon Show” interview:

In an interview with KMOX News after his Reardon interview, Jones said he stood by his remarks and said of the debate over race, “when insulted, we will respond.”

Listen to Carol Daniel’s interview with Jones:

Comments (7)
  1. Pundit says:

    It’s a shame this exchange didn’t happen before the election last year. The outcome would certainly have been different and our parks would not be in danger.

    1. Edward Teej says:

      Mark Reardon is my hero! That interview makes me want to move to Saint Louis so I can vote!

  2. Troy Whitworth says:

    Usually the race cars is trotted out when somebody has lost the arguement.Shameful and childish.

    1. Troy Whitworth says:

      Card rather

  3. Nick Kasoff says:

    Just because bigots used to denigrate the intelligence of African-Americans doesn’t mean our county executive isn’t a dunce. Sorry, Charlie, but this has nothing to do with your color.

  4. Biiker says:

    Dooley implies that Stenger is ignorant and inexperienced, Stenger replies by pointing out that Dooley graduated from high school…and now Dooley plays the race card?? This paints a perfect picture of the intolerance and viciti-cratic double standard that permeates our country. Dooley is the racist who owes Stenger the apology. Throw the bum out.

  5. Ed Golterman says:

    Tou milked this a day or too too long. There was harmony tonight at the Council meeting. They have reached the desired compromise. We have to see the details but your coverage today became unimportant. , Talk-show news is not news.. The County has serious economic problems with no indication sales tax revenue will increase next year and with the sewer district about to come down on taxpayers with a hammer. There is no long-term for the County. They have o find money and jump-start their economy rather quickly.

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