ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Who is going to sign free agent Albert Pujols? That question has become perhaps the biggest mystery to come out of Dallas, Texas since the 1980’s when people were wondering ‘who shot JR?’  Maybe not the same kind of popular culture effect, but majority of Cardinal Nation is on pins and needles waiting for a decision by Pujols.

The MLB rumor mill was in full effect once more on Tuesday producing speculation from the early morning to late in the evening. The rumors will probably continue to fly around on Wednesday, the third day of Baseball’s Winter Meetings, and beyond until an agreement is reached.  That moment could be the next day, or linger on for a few more weeks. 

Most reports suggest that the franchises in the bidding would prefer to agree upon a deal sooner rather than later, but making a quick decision just is not what Pujols and his agent have done in the past.  If they were looking for an easy way out of this contract situation, then a deal could have been reached with the Cardinals last February.  Simply, Pujols and Dan Lozano want the best deal possible  whether that means getting a contract for ten years or having a no-trade clause.

Though there have been reports of maybe four franchises interested in obtaining Pujols, the Cardinals and Miami Marlins have been the most publicized. ESPN Insider and Former MLB GM Jim Bowden reported late Tuesday night that a source of his claims that Pujols is down to deciding between those two franchises.  However, if others are now offering similar contracts, the factors that weigh into the looming decision could change.

The Cardinals had meetings on Monday and Tuesday with agent Dan Lozano.  The only indication from the Redbirds is they made modifications to the deal that was rejected last February before Spring Training.

Since Sunday night when the Miami Marlins reeled in shortstop Jose Reyes, they have been aggressively pursuing the three-time NL MVP. The Marlins even made an attempt to get an answer out of the Pujols group by Tuesday night, but there has been no confirmation on how that business strategy worked for them. Generally, it has been Pujols and agent Dan Lozano setting deadlines, not the franchises interested in signing the slugger.

The other reported franchises that have either made an offer or even possibly joined Dan Lozano in negotiations include the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Angels.

Wednesday can either be another wild day of rumors being spread all over social media, or the Pujols group can put an end to this by making a decision.

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