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harry star 4stars The Reps Tom Sawyer Spirited & Likeable

You are in for a surprise at The Rep when you take in their new production of “Tom Sawyer,” adapted from the book by Laura Eason.

sawyer 3 The Reps Tom Sawyer Spirited & Likeable

The performers leap onto the stage from all directions as the play begins, and soon you realize that while this is still classic Mark Twain, it’s a presentation that engages the imagination and presents the well-loved adventure with a spirit and level of feeling you never experienced before.

sawyer 2 The Reps Tom Sawyer Spirited & Likeable

Set design by Daniel Ostling is minimal yet remarkable in the manner it which it is constantly changing and full of surprises that enhance the story and invigorate the mind. The famous fence Tom has to paint is the centerpiece, yet there is so much more that beautifully let’s your mind do the designing too. An evocative original music score is a perfect partner to all this, and cradles the show beautifully. If you think you know the story of Tom Sawyer, look again.

saywer 4 The Reps Tom Sawyer Spirited & Likeable

Tim McKiernan as Tom Sawyer and Robbie Tann as Huckleberry Finn play below age well and are authentically full of the spit and adventure that matches their time. This well-chosen ensemble cast handles some multiple role assignments seamlessly. The pure adventures of Tom and Huck is renewed and full of youthful charm of the times. The evil Injun Joe, played by Michael D. Nichols, is a knife wielding demon.

joe The Reps Tom Sawyer Spirited & Likeable

“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” is on the main stage at The Rep through December 23rd. It is a bright, imaginative and charismatic adaptation of the Mark Twain classic. Strong energy and a great cast make it unquely enjoyable.



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