Illinois Congressman John Shimkus tells us what’s next for the payroll tax cut that passed the House and moves on to the Senate.

Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal talks about his latest column “The Gingrich Gamble.”

Conservative talk show host John Ziegler tells us about the perils of nominating Newt Gingrich as the GOP candidate for president.

Missouri State Senator Bill Stouffer and Missouri Representative Tom Shively give us the pro’s and con’s

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  1. F. R. Zivnuska, MD says:

    Mr. Reardon: We have a daughter who did research for FCC about 2003 regarding cell phone use (before texting, of course) in one of the summers during law school. She said the research showed that at that time, she recalled, that the accident rate while using a cell phone was less than that of people eating, and people smoking , but about the same as people listening to the radio.

    On another subject, recall that St. Louis County was to be penalized several million $ for changing the Waste Hauler Companies contracts without giving a 2 year notice. Do you know whether the penalty was paid and how much was paid? I think this is a very important point as, I understand, the County Executive was the one responsible for this error.

  2. BGeorge says:

    Mark, Your guest, who had a juvenile rant on your show today about Newt, is missing the point. Mitt is a lib and that is why the Republicans have turned to Newt. Catch a clue. Mitt is NO different than Obama. !! A wolf in sheep ‘s clothing .Not that Newt is so wonderful it is that Mitt is LIB.

  3. Marsha S. says:

    Mark, listened to your show and heard some hyped up dude ranting political. John Ziegler I presume?

    When a sensible sounding caller asked what he thought of Ron Paul, he stated that he thought Paul was autistic. Ridiculous. How come you didn’t call him on that? Sounded from the interview like he was the one with some medical disorder. I thought the guy sounded like a complete jerk, so I googled John Ziegler jerk and got quite a few hits. One was particularly interesting and allowed me to put a face to his arrogant voice.

    It’s from some dating show he was on…can you say ass? This guy is full of himself and full of B.S.

    I hope you won’t have him back on your show. He is not at all appealing to normal listeners like me.

    I’m a stay at home mom. A Republican voter. I help out at my kid’s school, have been a cub scout leader, parent-teacher group rep., and lately I manage my son’s baseball team. My husband is a blue collar worker, an electrician at a power plant. We are very “normal”, which brings me to your critcism of Ron Paul…

    He’s the candidate who has my family’s support. We are not kooky or loony or anything like that. I know you always say you don’t like Ron Paul because his supporters are crazy, but you could’t be more wrong. Perhaps some of the more eccentric folks in this world do like him, because he represents freedom to them. Freedom to be who they want to be. Can’t fault them for that. But mostly the Ron Paul supporters I’ve met are just like me – normal citizens.

    If you won’t like a candidate because of who’s supporting them, then there’s something wrong with you, not the candidate.

    If I go to see a Star Wars movie, and there are a buch of extreme people there dressed up as Star Wars characters, that doesn’t make me not like Star Wars or George Lucas. That would be silly.

    I cringe every time I hear you say that Ron Paul supporters are crazy. It doesn’t become you. Please be respectful. Would you like someone to judge you by first judging your listening audience? In any society, even in your audience, there are bound to be people who seem a bit eccentric. They actually make life interesting.

    Ron Paul is doing well in Iowa and could possibly win the caucus. He is also doing well in New Hamshire. If Paul does win Iowa, I fully expect that it will be downplayed as inconsequential. If some other candidate wins it will of course be of extraordinary importance. Perhaps if it does go down like I predict, you could devote a segment of your show to point out that hypocrisy.

    A show dedicated to the media’s portrayal of candidates would also be interesting. You could have tons of evidence of media types talking about how Ron Paul is crazy and can never win, and how Newt is unlikeable and could never win, and how Romney is a Morman “cultist” and could never win, and Bachmann has crazy eyes and could never win, and on and on. The American people have caught on to the media game. The internet will be the downfall of old media. Their bias is forever chronicled for all to see at the click of a mouse.
    It has reached a tipping point I think. The more they try to spin, the more foolish and corrupt they look.

    Please stay above that. I will continue to be a listener if you do.

    Thanks Mark.

    Marsha S.

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