SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN/KMOX) – Illinois has two “judicial hellholes” this year, according to a group that represents businesses that get sued.

Of the nation’s eight “judicial hellholes” identified by the American Tort Reform Association, Madison and Saint Clair counties are, together, No. 5 on the list, and McLean County is No. 8.

Ed Murnane of the Illinois Civil Justice League, a corporate defendants’ group based in Arlington Heights, says Madison County is a comfortable place for plaintiffs. “Particularly in the area of asbestos litigation, where Madison County has become the national center for asbestos litigation, and most of the cases that are coming into Madison County, are not only not from Illinois but they’re not from anywhere in the region,” he said.

Murnane says McLean County also attracts out-of-county litigation, so it too must be attractive to plaintiffs.

Cook County, a long-recognized “judicial hellhole” for business defendants, has been removed from the list and is now on the Watch List.

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