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harry star 3stars The Beast is Back for Christmas at the Fox

“Beauty and the Beast” had quite an opening at The Fox on Tuesday night, A large crowd exceeding 3,400 people crammed the theater and waited in a line extending over a block long for the doors to open before the show. There were a lot of mom’s with little girls in their best Belle finery. How can you not like a show that gets that much love at Christmas time?

bb 4 The Beast is Back for Christmas at the Fox

This musical has played The Fox and The Muny before, so we have seen it here a lot. There have been bigger productions with better overall casting, but the young (mostly) and enthusiastic touring cast that populates this company manage to connect with their family audience target and send everyone home happy, and in the case of the small ones, a little sleepy.

bb 31 The Beast is Back for Christmas at the Fox

To accommodate the kids, the evening shows start at 7:30 instead of the usual 8 PM. Check the Fox website to verify the starting time for your particular performance. A 7:30 PM show lets out a little before 10 PM.

thumb tn gaston and townspeople photo by joan marcus The Beast is Back for Christmas at the Fox

The production has nice sets, a 10 piece orchestra, very colorful costumes and the choreography is cute. And in the eyes of your children, it will mostly likely be a real highlight of their holiday season.

“Beauty and the Beast” will play The Fox through December 24th.


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