We have a follow up to a report you heard here last month about a Greyhound bus driver who walked off the job and left her passengers stranded overnight at a gas station in Charleston, Missouri.

KSDK, Channel 5, reports the driver has now been fired.

Greyhound says, among other things, the driver broke all sorts of company rules.

The bus was on a run from Memphis to St. Louis on November 18th with 45 passengers aboard when the driver had words with a passenger.  The driver stopped the bus on the side of I-55, told the passengers she’d had it, and got out and tried to hitchhike.

The stranded passengers — still in the bus — used their cell phones to call police who arrived and convinced the driver to get back behind the wheel.   But, instead of traveling on to St. Louis,  the driver turned the bus around and headed south.

Around midnight, she stopped at the gas station in Charleston and left the bus for good.  The passengers spent the night in the bus.

A Greyhound replacement driver arrived about eight hours later and brought the bus and the passengers on to St. Louis. . .10 hours late.

Greyhound apologized, refunded the passengers’ money and now says the driver who wouldn’t drive has been fired.

– Bob Hamilton, KMOX News

Comments (2)
  1. Missourimule says:

    We actually had the same thing happen to us on a trip to the big city – NYC – many, many years ago . . . except it was our city bus driver there that just got fed up, parked the bus and took off walking – as did all of us passengers (this was long before the advent of cell phones). May have been our first and last trip to NYC.

  2. Shawn Ambrose says:


    Check out this story about the Change.org petition to eliminate the $18 Greyhound Gift Ticket Fee. Over 8000 have signed the petition.

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