Mike Claiborne

Now that the Missouri football schedule is out, it may be time to invest in season tickets.  Yes, big-time college football is on the way to Columbia. 

Now, before you go the “oh woe is Mizzou “ route, need I remind you that there will be plenty of blood donated with the non-conference schedule?  Which means the walk-ons and legacy players will give mom and dad a chance to cry when sonny gets in the game late.

To have Georgia and Alabama come to Columbia will be the price of admission.  The Tigers and their fans will get a taste of what it will take to compete, as this will not be just your Saturday scrimmage.  The tradition and fans that will accompany these teams will remind you of the days when the Nebraska fans would buy as many tickets as Mizzou fans — because they would have better seats on the road than they would at home.

I need to remind Mizzou fans that this is now the SEC that they play in…and such antics to allow the opposition to have a large voice in your home stadium are not allowed.

As for the road schedule, give me Nashville, Tennessee to watch Vanderbilt than to go to Ames, Iowa any day in the decade.  I would suggest that Mizzou fans make a road trip or two to see what you have been missing — as well as ideas for Columbia. 

On the field, the Tigers will have their work cut out for them, but they should not get embarrassed.  The program has come too far for that.  When Mizzou has faced SEC teams in past bowl games — and non conference games — they have won. 

The same rules apply as far as the field dimensions, as well as the number of players you can have on the out there at one time.  Mizzou will be challenged and they will adapt.

In the end, they will be fine…as will Tiger Nation.

Bring it on, win or lose.  Just bring it on.




Date Opponent / Event Location Time
09/08/12 vs. Georgia * Columbia, Mo. TBA
09/15/12 vs. Arizona State Columbia, Mo. TBA
09/22/12 at South Carolina * Columbia, S.C. TBA
10/06/12 vs. Vanderbilt * Columbia, Mo. TBA
10/13/12 vs. Alabama * Columbia, Mo. TBA
10/27/12 vs. Kentucky * Columbia, Mo. TBA
11/03/12 at Florida * Gainesville, Fla. TBA
11/10/12 at Tennessee * Knoxville, Tenn. TBA
11/24/12 at Texas A&M * College Station, Texas TBA


Comments (2)
  1. J. Madison says:

    Coming to your neighborhood this fall!!

  2. GODAWGS says:

    Good article.Act like you belong and do it with swagger.From here on out MIZZOU fans need to feel and be that way.You have a bunch of big brothers standing by your side.Welcome to the SEC. Dawg fans make the trip. Columbia..nice town ..nice people.Not Athens by any means and it is looking for an identity. We can help that.They are curious and not sure what to expect but are very welcoming.Will probably be a little overwhelmed at first but in time will “get it”. No more Big12 arena football.In time iI feel they are going to do ok.Already booked my room there.Go DAWGS and see you in Sept.

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