Alex Degman

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) — Gas prices in Illinois could increase January 1 due to an expiring federal tax credit for ethanol.

Oil companies make 4½ cents per gallon of E-10 fuel they produce. That’s gasoline with a 10 percent ethanol blend – the most common fuel now found nationwide.

Tricia Braid of the Illinois Corn Growers Association says some oil companies passed the cost savings onto customers, others didn’t. “There’s no rule that says they have to,” she says. “It just allowed a price advantage in the market. It was an assumption that that price advantage would be passed along to consumers. Recently, it hasn’t been in all cases.”

Braid says VEETC benefited mainly the oil companies, not farmers or ethanol producers. She says the Corn Growers Association favors the credit’s expiration, as it’ll produce for the federal government $6 billion a year.

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  1. gene wright says:

    the 4.5 cent tax credit is to reduce the federal tax on ethanol blended fuel from 18.4 to 13.9 its not a credit for oil co

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