ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–Some downtown area businesses are applauding the shakeup for the Rams, saying it will help their own cash flow to field a winning team.

At Crown Candy,  crowds were light again Sunday when the Rams lost their final game of the season, not like the old days when the team was winning.

“It’s been cut in half on the Rams fans coming here,” said Crown Candy’s Tom Karandzieff, “When they actually were winning back in the day, they would come piling in here buying malts and happy.  But now that they’re losing, you don’t see that anymore.”

img 3146 Rams Shakeup Good News for Bars and Restaurants

Bartender Steve Schranck

Downtown, another popular Rams hangout, the Dubliner bar on Washington Avenue was closed for the Rams final game Sunday.  Bartender Steve Schranck says Ram’s game business has dropped off 50 percent from the glory days when the team was a contender.

“We even closed Sunday,” Schranck said, “And if anybody in the world expected that we would put on a good game, this place would’ve been open.”

The firing of the Rams head coach and general manager after a season of two wins and 14 losses is also getting a thumbs up from the St. Louis Sports Commission.

“I think it’s a good sign that the Rams are moving quickly to make some changes and build some excitement,” said Commission President Frank Viverito, “So that the fans and the dollars will be back and be stronger next year.”

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