Dave Sinclair Ford Sports Open Line with Kevin Wheeler
Join Kevin Wheeler on Sports Open Line. First guest on tonight’s show is Blues’ Defenseman, Barret Jackman. The Blues have eleven games this month, nine of those games are at home. If there’s an opportunity to gain ground in the conference, this month is the time to do it. National college football writer for CBSSports.com, Brett McMurphy, talks to Kevin about the College Football Championship game in New Orleans on Monday. NFL Sportscaster, Howard David, talks to Kevin about NFL Playoffs. Jeff Fisher’s name has been thrown around in regards to finding a new head coach for the Rams. What a week of shake-ups in the Rams’ organization. Host of NFL Live on ESPN, Trey Wingo, joins Kevin to talk about what’s in store for the Rams. Get the chilli ready.

Barret Jackman

Brett McMurphy Part:1

Brett McMurphy Part: 2

Howard David Part: 1

Howard David Part: 2

Trey Wingo


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