SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) – Will Illinois ban all phone use by drivers? The issue will be examined this year.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a study last month on the dangers of talking on the phone while driving. Illinois’ new Advisory Committee on Traffic Safety will take up the matter of whether Illinois should impose a ban.

Dave Druker of the secretary of state’s office says if there is a ban, compliance will start out low, and then grow. “For many years, the public participation on seat belts, wearing them, was very low. I think at the time when it became a primary offense, where police could stop people for it, it was in the 40 percent range. Now it’s close to 90 percent,” he said.

There’s no telling what the committee will recommend, nor what Illinois lawmakers will be in the mood to do, but Druker says no matter what laws are enacted, if any, society will have to recognize phone talking while driving as a danger, the way we came to see that drunk driving wasn’t a joke.

The advisory committee is an 11-member group of state lawmakers, safety advocates and the secretary of state.

Illinois enacted a ban on texting while driving last year.

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