MAPLEWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) –  Weary firefighters found themselves called back to the scene of a fire that levelled a Maplewood business when it rekindled early Friday.

The blaze levelled the Maplewood-Richmond Heights Family Dentistry Thursday night, which was housed in an historic home at Sutton and Flora and operated by Dr. Wayne Fischer.

The three-alarm blaze required dozens of firefighters to work for several hours in the freezing cold and they appeared to finally have put it out.

But Maplewood fire chief Terry Merrell said they were called back to the scene early Friday after the flames rekindled.

“The oil tank that feeds the furnace apparently leaked its contents, found a hotspot somewhere in the basement, and ignited,” Merrell explained to KMOX News. “It’s very hard to get a fire out that’s in the basement of a building that’s essentially collapsed.”

Firefighters poured foam through a broken window leading into the basement in the hopes of smothering the flames, without any way of veriftying that it had worked.

But by mid-morning firefighters seemed satisfied that the process had worked and the fire was out for good.

A firefighter from the Richmond Heights department suffered a “non-break shoulder injury” Thursday night when the floor collapsed beneath him while he helped lead an interior attack against the flames.

Investigators say the fire appears to have been accidental in nature.


A fire at family dentists office in Maplewood has rekindled. Police are asking motorists to avoid the area near Sutton and Flora Friday morning.

A four-alarm fire Thursday night gutted the Maplewood-Richmond Heights Family Dentistry building.

The practice of Dr. Wayne E. Fischer was housed in a two-story historic home at 3004 Sutton Boulevard. The Maplewood Fire chief said the initial fire started in the basement, but when firefighters entered the building the first floor collapsed injuring one firefighter. His injuries are believed to be not life-threatening.

Firefighters from St. Louis, Clayton, Ladue, University City, Rock Hill, Webster Groves and others helped Maplewood on the scene, but the building was fully involved with flames shooting through the roof. Smoke billowed out every window, which glowed an eery orange. A view inside revealed nothing but black.


another pic UPDATED: Fire That Levelled Maplewood Business Was Oil Based; Rekindles Fri. Morning

Comments (2)
  1. Nancy Lampert says:

    OMG! Susan and Dr Fischer We are so sorry. If there is anything we can do please let us know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. It is as if we lost our home as well. Words cannot express how we feel. You have been like family to us and we are praying for you for this terrible loss. I know items inside are irreplaceable, we are just so grateful everyone is safe.

  2. Sue Jackson says:

    Can someone develop a site on the web where we can be updated on the progress of the aftermath of this terrible tragedy? I am hoping that the house can be rebuilt, the practice restored — I know the losses are enormous, but am deeply hopeful that things can move forward. So glad no loss of life.

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