KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A new report shows the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese spent more than $1 million over a four-month stretch last year in connection with priest sexual abuse cases.

The Kansas City Star reported that a diocese insurance program incurred $631,553 in costs relating to clergy sexual abuse from July through October. Another $427,707 in spending is tied to an independent investigation led by former U.S. Attorney Todd Graves at the request of the diocese.

The report says no legal costs have been paid from that fund or any other diocesan fund for the defense of the Rev. Shawn Ratigan. He is the priest who was charged last year in state and federal courts with possession of child pornography. The case has sparked a flood of lawsuits.

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  1. Patrick O says:

    Of course, the Catholic church is still hiding the truth. How much was spent on the FOUR lawyers that told Bishop Finn how to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

    How much was spent on the TWO attorneys for Msgr Murphy, who didn’t go to the police in December of 2010, and then lied to a police friend about child porn on Ratigan’s computer?

    If they followed God’s laws, there would have been no waste of over a million dollars. Note that you can save someone from dying of hunger for $250 a year, so 4,000 people could have been saved from dying of hunger in the next year if Bishop Finn and his reports followed God’s laws.

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