JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (KMOX) – Governor Jay Nixon delivers his State of the State Address before the Missouri House and Senate Tuesday night.  He’s likely to address jobs, education funding and the budget, among a number of topics.

Missouri Senate President Pro-Tem Robert Mayer would like to hear the governor call for a balanced budget without a tax increase, but he thinks that is “highly unlikely.” said Senator Mayer.

“We must act and pass a balanced budget without a tax increase for the people of Missouri and to help put Missourians back to work in this stagnant and weak economy.” said Senator Mayer.

Senator Mayer told KMOX News what he like to see is a scaling back of tax credits, which he says have given Missouri little in return.  “We can’t continue to provide tax credits and still provide proper levels of funding for Education and social service programs.” said Sen. Mayer.

He went on to say he wants to hear the governor explain how he plans to balance the budget and maintain a balanced budget into the future.

Another State Republican says Tuesday night’s State of the State address is an opportunity for Governor Nixon to show some leadership, something they say he’s been lacking.

Republican Senator Kevin Engler of Jefferson County says he would be most surprised to hear that Nixon has a plan to balance the budget.

“He was wanting to say the consensus revenue that we were going to have, almost the six percent revenue growth,  we haven’t had that in a long time.” said Engler.

Recently the state has seen growth at about 4 %.  Engler says it’s the Governor’s job to give a realistic picture to state agencies of how much money they can expect, but has not been able to do that. The address is at 7 o’clock Tuesday night.

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  1. Ed Golterman says:

    Senator Mayer: your problem, is not tax credits, it is misuse of tax credits.
    Properly applied they are economic catalysts. How are you going to pay for education or ask the governor how he is going to pay for education, and/or balance budgets, when you have no idea how to grow or re-grow the economy?

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