Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The landmark Avalon Theatre, on Kingshighway just south of Chippewa, is on it’s final scene.

Several letters are missing from the sign above the front marquee. The windows and doors are hidden behind sheets of plywood and red “NO TRESSPASSING” signs. Instead of movie listings, there’s notice that the building is for sale.

But there won’t be a building for much longer.

Demolition began earlier this week and now, behind a flimsy, orange construction fence, metal beams are exposed, wires are hanging down and bricks are strewn about. The front facade remains and much of the back still stands, leaving a wide swath through the middle cut out so far.

It should be gone by this time, next week.

The projectors at the Avalon were switched off in 1999. The condemnation notice was posted in 2006.

The Avalon was listed on the market by owner Greg Tsevis for an astronomical one million dollars at first, eventually reduced to less than $250,000.

Building lovers allege Tsevis did absolutely nothing to maintain the building, even ignoring minor, band-aid repairs to let it fall apart.

The prominent spot it occupies along South Kingshighway will become just another of the city’s plentiful vacant, empty lots, with no immediate plans for development.

The end.

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