Brian Kelly

BELLEVILLE, Il. (KMOX)-The family of the elderly man whose body was found Monday, two days after he disappeared from a Belleville nursing home, says they have a lot of questions, and they want answers.

Attorney Staci Yandle says Aubrey Giles’ daughters don’t understand how their 75-year-old father could have just walked out of the Midwest Rehab and Respiratory Center,  Saturday night, “A long-term resident of a nursing home, who suffers fromdementia as well as other medical illnesses, should not just be able to walk out the door, unnoticed and unsupervised.”

Yandle says they also want to know how quickly police were notified of their father’s disappearance.  She says police were notified at 7:30 p.m. and the home notified the family at 10 p.m.

midwestrehab Family of Man Who Wandered From Nursing Home Wants Answers

Giles’ body was found late Monday morning, in a frozen creek about a block from the home.

She says it’s not been determined if the family will take legal action. There’s no response from the home, yet.

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