Nick Gale, IRN

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) – The Illinois attorney general’s office is reaching out to law enforcement and retailers across the state about a law that bans the sale of synthetic marijuana.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan says the fake pot is still out there. “It’s been unbelievable because even though the law has changed that clearly outlaws virtually every synthetic drug, all the fake pot that’s out there, we’re still finding it’s readily available and unfortunately we’re still finding that there are far too many people showing up in emergency rooms because they have ingested this stuff and they are hallucinating. They’re having very severe reactions to it,” she said.

Representatives from Madigan’s office have been traveling across the state to educate law enforcement about synthetic marijuana, and synthetic cocaine or bath salts.  The law, effective Jan. 1, made it a felony to sell the substances, which have been known to kill people.

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