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harry star 4stars A Steady Rain Rugged, Assertive Drama

If you’ve ever lived in Chicago, or gone there a lot, you’ll recognize the urban angst exhibited by the two cops in “A Steady Rain.” It’s part of the culture of the town, and if you’re a policeman, you wear it on your sleeve.

steady 11 A Steady Rain Rugged, Assertive Drama

Joey Collins and Michael James Reed play two lifelong friends who are Chicago PD patrolmen. They are constantly being passed over for promotion to detective because of their perceived shortcomings. Denny (Collins) is married with a good wife, kids and the honor of being a Nielsen family, something Denny won’t let the world forget. Joey (Reed) is a quiet bachelor living in a small apartment whose primary social life is going over to Denny’s house for dinner.

steady 2 A Steady Rain Rugged, Assertive Drama

Denny likes preaching to Joey a lot, and fixing him up with a “nice” girl when he comes over for dinner. The most recent supper date is a prostitute on Denny’s beat whose table manners are upsetting, even to her.

steady 3 A Steady Rain Rugged, Assertive Drama

“A Steady Rain” at first introduces you to Denny and Joey in a somewhat superficial sense. But soon, a bullet through Denny’s living room widow starts a chain of events so graphic and emotional that your perception of big city police will never be the same. As directed by Steve Woolf, this grimy and unflagging story packs a graphic, powerful punch that is quite shattering. Consequences and tragedy abound as this play steps into the dark side of Denny and Joey’s lives.

12 thumb A Steady Rain Rugged, Assertive Drama

“A Steady Rain” is done in one-act and is yet another ideal selection in The Rep’s Studio Theater line-up. Collins and Reed give almost over-powering performances. “A Steady Rain” will be on stage through February 5.


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