William McGuinness

(KMOX) — A British drug manufacturer is hoping for a big score from consumers and a green light from the FDA for its medical marijuana mouth spray in 2013.

Seven countries including the UK, Spain and Germany have approved Sativex to treat patients with multiple sclerosis. Makers GW Pharmaceuticals hopes the drug will be used as a prescribed replacement to medical marijuana in the United States.

Patients take the drug by spraying it into their mouths like a breath spray with a dosage meter. This way, GW Pharmaceuticals says people can derive maximum benefit from the drug without feeling a “high.”

GW’s website says side effects can include dizziness, which occurs mainly in the first few weeks of treatment, and fatigue. There is no mention of the munchies.

Sativex contains pure amounts of delta 9-THC and cannabidiol — marijuana’s two best-known active ingredients and is the world’s first pharmaceutical drug made from grown marijuana rather than its synthetic equivalent. The drug is grown under computer-monitored conditions in secret greenhouses located in southern Britain.

GW Pharmaceuticals was founded specifically to bring cannabinoid medications to market and is traded on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange.


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Comments (154)
  1. DigitalBob says:

    All this trouble, all this expense, all this red tape, all this hassle to remove the evil side effect of mild euphoria.

    1. dave's not here man says:

      i don’t understand why it woudln’t make you high. Or do they mean “stoned” ?

    2. woody hankins says:

      All this trouble so the big drug companies can cash in

      1. Holly says:

        I so agree with this comment……

    3. artemis133 says:

      That was my first thought. What the h*ll are they afraid of? That people may actually feel GOOD for a period of time? God forbid! The world’s insane.

    4. InalienableWrights says:

      DigitalBob look at all the money to be made when they can replace an effective nearly free product with their less effective and very very very expensive product.

  2. Tony says:

    There is no alternative to the effects of the marijuana high… The THC along with other cannaboids together help produce the hunger affect while the high eases pain… They have a pill called “marinol”, same issues… not to mention per wiki, 12% had to stop trials of the med due to dizziness… This doesn’t happen when you smoke/vaporize.

    1. Eric R. Johnson says:

      I have followed the development of sativex from the beginning, and it does work as effectively as whole smoked cannabis.

      It is an extract formulation, and not something produced artificially.

      1. Smokey? says:

        This will be approved and it will be another way to keep MMJ illegal. The big Pharma companies don’t want MMJ to be legal, you can grow it yourself. They’ll push to show how you can put man made chemicals in your body with the same healing affects, but at 10 times the price. That’s the other side of the drug war. Big money Pharma puts big money in the Cartels pockets -(Not directly of course).

        Meanwhile, pot dealer spends life in prison for selling buds.

      2. jasperddbgghost says:

        I can bring this up to my pot smoking friends and they claim it’s for medicinal purposes. If they make something that removes the high but also removes the pain, they are against it.

        More proof that it’s self-serving and destructive.

  3. Eric R. Johnson says:

    Not true that it doesn’t get you high. Maybe not as high, or as randomly high as a smoke from a water pipe, but high it does get you. CBD tends to moderate the anxiety about being high on THC, but it does not modulate the euphoria itself.

    It is interesting that we are now able to discuss opposition to actual (medical) cannabis actually being all about the euphoria it causes. Euphoria it seems is the one single intolerable side- effect of cannabis and other drugs. We are willing to tolerate major organ failure, increased suicidal ideation, fecal incontinence and death as side effects of other, even over-the-counter pharmaceuticals… But not Euphoria.

    I wonder if the euphoria of being out of neuropathic or spastic pain, pain from damaged nerves or that pain suffered by MS patients, which are uses for Sativex, will be considered as an intolerable side effect as well, justifying killing off the whole plan after the election, whoever wins?

    1. Feilding Melish says:

      No the “intolerable side effect” will be the large numbers of fraudulent prescriptions for, and black market in this drug. And this will have a large societal cost since most of us know that potheads (meaning those who consume pot often, for the high alone) are less motivated to succeed, and therefore tend to be losers.

      As soon as the usual suspect societal misfits find out they can get this drug by feigning any medical condition that quacks can prescribe it for, it’ll be everywhere.

      On the bright side, maybe those who normally walk around taking handfulls of pain pills every day will switch to this drug. So far it sounds like it might not be something that presents a high risk for an overdose death, like pain pills tend to be.

      1. Trommy Themulus says:

        None of what you said is scientifically accurate but instead is anecdotal and prejudice. I would doubt that an extract made form the Cannabis plant can cause overdose. In the history of the entire world not one person has overdosed on Cannabis. Check your facts before you post.

      2. JR says:

        Why do you care about people experiencing euphoria? I dont understand why people object to people enjoying themselves and never will. I personally dont like pot I’d rather have pain pills but that should be my choice. If it bothers you so much well why dont you kiss my ass and leave me alone.

      3. dave's not here man says:

        actually, I’ll just continue smoking weed man 🙂 lmao!

      4. ArcherB says:

        Who are you to judge what success is and who are winners and losers? Maybe “success” to these people is coming home from work, sitting on the couch and getting high. It’s not enough for me, but maybe it is what these people actually want from life! As long as they have their own home and couch, why would you care? Who TF are you to tell them they are wrong or their goals don’t count?

      5. PowerPC says:

        If they seriously put this on the market they should also put alcoholic beverages on the market that do not make you drunk. Nearly everyone of the people complaining about the euphoria excperienced by smoking MJ do not look at the “euphoria”, vomitting, innocent traffic deaths and being unable to walk and talk as side effects of drinking. They are so much more superior because they drink a drug that is the nastiest product every produced by man…….alcohol!

      6. InalienableWrights says:

        What kind of horse pucky is this? Outlaw what God made and legalize stuff no one can afford that works 1/10th as well to make the elite rich.

      7. Tom Paine says:

        Right, because people don’t use marijuana as it is now. It is only the biggest cash crop in this nation, and 10 million people smoke it everyday, but hey, if the FDA approves this drug, the world will end and people will go insane.

        You are an idiot.

    2. John says:

      And yet the same people who are against it because of the euphoria have no trouble with the idea of people being drunk on alcohol.

      It makes no sense and it’s hypocritical.

  4. truther says:

    omg someone having a good time call the cops. i bet this firm has spent hundreds of millions of dollars working on this. why… at least we know thats what the govt has a problem with people being happy… NICE

    1. gdude says:

      It’s good for the economy. What’s the problem?

  5. JWood says:

    It won’t sell. Medical users prefer the side effects of the smokable version. It’s why they use it in the first place.

    1. Eric R. Johnson says:

      It isn’t any different. That is why it has succeeded. It works, and it is utterly untrue that it doesn’t get you high.

    2. nelson says:

      You can eat Marijuana and get the benefits plus the high. One does’t need to smoke it.

  6. Diogenes says:

    My doctor told me all she could prescribe was Marinol (synthetic THC), but that it was rather ineffective compared to the real thing. Wonder whether this one is any better.

    1. Justin Naugle says:

      Yea, people actually dies from that stuff. The molecules wouldn’t bind correctly so it wasn’t really Delta 9 THC.

  7. Deacon says:

    “So – Instead of growing it on your own for free, buy it for a ridiculously high price from us! After all, we can’t have the average person undercutting our pharmaceuticals with a easy to obtain 100% natural medicine now cane we?”

    1. JagerBaBomb says:

      Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! I’d add that they’re likely going to try and use this to copyright pot somehow, or at least their version of it.

      1. Heath Robinson says:

        Not ‘likely’, ABSOLUTE to protect it.

        It’s patented and the GMO strain they created is too.

    2. Sandy says:

      Think this might be why Obama has reversed his position on MMJ?

      That man is SUCH a disappointment. The only promise he kept was getting that puppy.

  8. george says:

    If it produced the desired “high,” it could, in its liquid form, become a handy ingredient for any number of culinary creations.

  9. Grant Smith says:

    Why not just burn one like millions of people already do? Been proven to reduce cancer rates by a Harvard study… Then again what do those highly educated doctors and statisticians know?

    1. Big Daddy says:

      they’re likely Communist defectors that Obama brought in with him from where ever he was born. they likely are on welfare, simultaneously, since ALL obama supporters are idiots on welfare.

      1. Manfred says:

        No, a lot of them are trust-fund babies as well. The unholy alliance of those who do not work against those who do.

  10. anonie moss says:

    Wait. I thought there was no medical benefit to marijuana? Its classified as a schedule 1 narcotic, which means that there’s no medicinal value. How can this spray treats medical problems being based off a drug with no medical value?

    1. Big Daddy says:

      hey, the 21st century called. it said it would like you to move out of 1971 and come on with the rest of us. do you have any medical issues that you’ve tried to treat pharmaceutically, but found benefits from supplementing those pharms with MMJ? if no, then you have no clue what your conservative butt is talking about. i can testify to its medical value. show me another type 1 diabetic for 33 years with no complications, and whose eye doctor just told him that at age 40, his eyes are improving from 20/20 to 20/15? do you think insulin did that for me, when it doesn’t for so many others? show me one. i dare ya.

      1. E Johnson says:

        BD, Don’t understand SARCASM??

  11. schmed says:

    MJ makes my MS symptoms worse.

  12. schmed says:

    I would not go on this drug fearing they would take my guns away, so I have to deal with pain of my MS or be able to have my 2nd Amendment right to protect myself.

    1. Eric R. Johnson says:

      They will not be able to touch your 2nd amendment rights if the FDA approved the medicine.

      Marinol, the artificial formulation of a THC-Mimic on the market today contains no warning not to drive, people are allowed to work on it, as it appears differently on drug tests, and it has no warning about disastrous psychological problems like psychosis, which is what being high is now being described as.

      It is available in Nevada, where guns abound, and I have had a prescription for it.

      It works well for getting one high as a kite. Not so well on pain.

      Can’t take away rights when something is legal.

      The federal Government has said declared “so-called,” ‘medical’ marijuana” users to have voided their 2nd amendment rights… and they may not purchase, have, hold or use guns, the Obama admin decided some weeks ago.

      Pot smokers, which is all you are to the Federal government, are severe criminals, and the government doesn’t want such heinous types walking around armed. Drivers’ licenses and children are supposed to be removed from people with marijuana convictions.

  13. Indy GOP says:

    This will fail because the whole reason people smoke “medical” marijuana is to get high. The THC pills reportedly do the same thing, but stoners want the cheap buzz and the useful idiots in office in California have catered to them.

    1. Big Daddy says:

      you try having cancer, glaucoma, MS, CFS, type 1 diabetes and not smoke, fool. i’m a type 1 for 33 years, and a great part of my no-complications is the metabolic enhancing effect of MJ. what do you get when you smoke? not high for daily smokers, but rather, the munchies. that is concrete evidence that a diabetic, either T1 or T2, can benefit from the supplemental effects of a very innocuous “drug”. until you walk in a man’s shoes, try not throwing stones. and all of us have a vice, and generally, the GOP as listed in your moniker would mean “sexual deviancy”. so maybe you don’t toke, but you sure as heck do something to take the edge off life. just ask Ted Haggard, Bush’s spiritual advisor who was caught with a male prostitute and crystal meth.

      1. jwood says:

        It doesn’t cure anything, it just makes you feel better as you die.

      2. Hoser says:

        You should be doing high fives all around.Your getting the full benefit of the marijuana without the side effects not to mention the smoke that does damage to the lungs no matter what kind of nutty data to the contrary that some people might come up with.

    2. jinfotechp says:

      I’ll drink to that !!

  14. Fecal McStool says:

    I like to talk about stool.

  15. weedfeedstheeconomy says:

    Whether you like it or not Med. Marijuana is an up and coming force in todays economy. Every small town in legal med states benefits from weed whether they are willing to admit it or not. From grow shops to trimmers making $20-30 an hour under the table, to the money growers spend in their community. Even local government makes money for issuing a pot card.
    Take a look at real estate in m.m states, the rural home prices didn’t drop nearly as much as in non legal states despite equally low job prospects. That is directly related to pot growers.

  16. Rick says:

    Bill Gates was fairly successful and a certain Obama used to smoke.

    1. Justin Naugle says:

      Obama did cocaine too. We should through him in prison.

      1. Spell Checker says:

        we should throw people who can’t spell in prison

  17. Big Daddy says:

    the politicians in the US are “blind” to the “pot” of gold at the end of their financial rainbow. so now, instead of a natural plant, or a natural plant used in edibles, we will make a synthetic replacement. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…sounds a little unnecessary to me, and if you allow this, shouldn’t the plant by default be allowed also? what’s the difference? oh wait.

    i forgot the two biggest lobbies against decriminilization are not churches or morality groups, no–it’s the tobacco and alcohol lobbies, and as long as they’re paying, we’ll continue to get lung cancer (cheers to the pharmaceutical industry on that one!), we’ll continue to kill pregnant mothers in drunk driving accidents and continue to fill churches with our AA meetings. yeah, that’s sensible. but hey, “sensible” is synonymous with Amurca.

  18. Mike04 says:


  19. Stoner says:

    Isn’t it easier and cheaper to cut out the middlemen and just spark up a bowl?

  20. Darth Maul says:

    Why is everyone so concerned about the “high” associated with medical marijuana? If it provides relief to people who are suffering, than it is medicine like any other. Doesn’t vicodin, demorol, and oxycontin get people high? Doesn’t it also relieve symptoms of pain? Would you ban and ridicule these medicines? The hypocrisy regarding the medical benefits of marijuana needs to end.

    1. jwood says:

      vicodin, demorol, and oxycontin should be available over the couner in any drug store or 7/11 along with MJ. They are all medicines that make you feel better even if there is nothing wrong with you medically.

  21. Ed says:

    There is such a high level of hypocrasy in prohibiting things simply because they are enjoyable. We endure people who enjoy beer or tobacco simply because these substances are enjoyable. I really don’t see a difference. Also, many very productive people use cannabis at great risk to the very contributions they make to society simply because it is illegal to own a plant. It’s a plant. Just wait till they make eating illegal because it is too enjoyable. Not too far off now…

  22. Glazed DoNuT says:

    It’s the LSD suppositories that are really a trip!


  23. Ed says:

    Prohibitionist either don’t believe in or don’t understand liberty. Liberty is allowing people to do things you dont agree with as long as they are not harming your life, liberty, or property. Some desire the government to prevent others from doing things that they disagree with…not understanding that the government they trust to police others will come around to policing their choices too. You have to give liberty to have liberty. As far as I see someone using a plant how they want too doesnt threaten my life, liberty, or property.

  24. gholdenboy says:

    i don’t understand. how can you get “maximum benefit” from pot that doesn’t get you high? that sounds basically like clove cigarettes. those suck.

  25. George Johnson says:

    It’ll be interesting to see the hypocrites demanding their “medical marijuana” once they can get it, without getting “high”. They’ll whine that this stuff doesn’t work I’m betting.

  26. Harlowe Thrombey says:

    Sativex has its legitimate place in our culture as a prescribed medicine. Marijuana has its legitimate place in our culture as a personal choice.

  27. JO SMOKE says:


  28. Denny says:

    Who would want to do that W/O the feeling of the high?!?!? BORING!!

  29. David says:

    This is not meant to be a promotional comment, but please check out this (penny) stock, CBIS. In the last month, they have been on a tear, because of the very interesting possibilities that they have been announcing regarding their medical pipeline (marijuana as a cancer “salve”, not as an inhalant), I think everyone has reason to be interested to learn more about the potential use that cannabis has in the cancer cure marketplace.

  30. HTuttle says:

    Big Daddy, you must be scared of life to need to escape it every day.

    1. JR says:

      Getting high isnt always about escaping life. When I take a couple of pain pills usually I’m listening to music or watching a movie. Activities I do when I’m relaxing after working my job. The escape life argument is kinda ignorant. Some may choose to use it that way but not everybody. Besides the only true escape from life is suicide not getting high. Also some people play video games all day and neglect their responsibilities guess we need to ban them as well.

  31. EricF says:

    God forbid people enjoy their medication. This country needs to grow up.

  32. Rock says:

    Have MS and a buddy that also had it smoked a LOT of weed! He very seldom got out of his recliner. His “supplier” bumped him up to coke and then heroin, followed by meth. He od’d last year. You start one drug and you’ll easily move into more serious drugs. He had begged me for years to do the same (he probably would have gotten a “better” price) I take a shot every other day (real medicine) and have a nice, active life. If I followed him I’d probably be dead by now too.

    1. Paper Scissors says:

      First I started watching ABC. That wasn’t enough, so I put NBC into the mix. When FOX came out in the 90s, I really went crazy.

      Fast forward to today, 1700 channels on satellite TV, my recliner has a butt groove the size of the grand canyon.

      Solution? Kill all television watchers!

  33. Brandon Bello Santiago says:

    What is so wrong with being high?

  34. Herman Vogel says:

    Great!!!!!! Now we won’t have to listen to the stoners complaining about all the “benificial” things the life destroying poison has and actually use it for medical reason. For years the Stoners and Losers of our society have used the pizz poor excuse that “It’s for my illness” when in reality it was just to get high and waist what little life they had on a substance that is Knows to destroy intiative, reliability and conduct as well as genetic damage,,,proven by a Japanese research lad no more then 6 yrs ago. It’s great to hear that we have come OUT of the dark ages of the 60s and find ways to use this to HELP rather then Destroy Life. I love it.

    1. InalienableWrights says:

      Herman Vogel you are naive to say the least and know nothing of liberty.

      Now you the tax payer will have to find $10,000 for a course of drugs that work if at all marginally well rather than a $100 treatment. The drug companies are in the process of patenting variations everything that God created including vitamin C and then making the God created version illegal.

  35. Jim Hampton says:

    This drug will be a failure for cancer patients on chemo since it will not bring on the munchies.

  36. no says:

    /Oh, thank god, because the last thing we want is a dying person to enjoy a non-damaging high.

  37. Your spent your rent on weed says:

    Weed is a god to a pot head. They defend it more then they would anything else.

  38. bagocheese says:

    This will pretty much kill the ‘legalize marijuana’ movement. It’s a fraud.

  39. st says:

    The CBD can be easily be converted to THC. If this hits the market there will soon be another additive you can buy off the shelf to make it into hash oil. But whatever make you neo-cons “feel safer” once THC is downgraded to schedule 2 things will be better even for smokers of the whole plant.

  40. Hoser says:

    Great product. We need it here in the states asap.
    I see in the not so distant future a huge drop off of 19-25 year old people with fibromialga or (insert illness here) frauds no longer needing the benefit of the drug now that its in a spray with no “side effects”.

    Isn’t modern medicine amazing?

    1. Eric R. Johnson says:

      Yes, it will be just like all the other drugs at the pharmacy which can be abused, including the booze and cigarettes sold at most.

      You cannot have it both ways anymore, as your way has produced what we have now… And your point-of-view doesn’t occupy the moral high ground just because you claim it does.

      You will have to produce evidence to show that such ground belongs to your side, and right now all you have is 70 years attempted social engineering with attempted control of the various racial groups which gravitate to certain drugs at the heart of the policy.

      Refute the above if you can, but both your reasoning, your attempted ends, and your motivation for your stance are now in question.

      Now, the first thing you are gonna say, is, “I’m no racist,” right?

      1. Hoser says:

        Don’t get me wrong here Eric, I’m not going on some moral high ground trip or some social engineering deal.Although socially, breeding and encouraging “blatant fraud” to simply get high/change laws does not seem to me to be the way to go for such an unimportant topic….Getting a buzz(which is exactly what we are talking about here).
        As an ex pot user, I feel the way to go would be to legalize it.Will I actively try and change the law, nope.
        That being said, does marijuana have a medicinal value, honestly, who the heck knows being the vast,vast,vast amount of users are absolute frauds, you know it and I know it.Those who feel it does help with various ailments,I’m sure would love this spray to be able to avoid the side effects (high), hence, it will be an awesome drug to give what the smokers who need it a safer, more beneficial way of using it.It’s as simple as that.

  41. Hoser says:

    Believe it or not, there are many,many people who would love this new drug if pot was helping them.Most don’t want the side effects, at least for those who genuinely need it, which is a tiny fraction of people who apply and receive pot from medicinal marijuana outlets.

    Sorry to you fake fibromialga, legal pot smoking folks, your just going to have to smoke the stuff the old fashioned way…Illegally.

  42. Heath Robinson says:

    Made from a patented GMO strain. For a MS patient $500-$700/Month.

    It’s a scam set up to rip off Medicare & Medicaid.

    Grow your own for $50 a month. Keep away from GMO’s.

  43. aubreyfarmer says:

    Watch “Run from the Cure” on YouTube and you will understand the threat the decriminalization of marijuana poses to the revenue stream of the pharmaceutical giants. Plants can not be patented and for this reason the pharmaceutical industry will spare no expense to stop a cure which they can not patent from ever reaching the market. The pharmaceutical industry is controlled by criminals and for a very long time have controlled the Food and Drug Administration by controlling the enormous amounts of money the FDA accepts for the study of the efficacy for new products. Greed and corruption is destroying our lives so the few can live in palaces.

  44. greg says:

    We want the high – no use for that if you can’t get a buzz.

  45. aubreyfarmer says:

    You either believe in liberty or you don’t. A free man doesn’t need permission from someone else to drink alcohol or smoke weed if exercising that freedom is not posing any danger to a third party. The liberty concept has been largely replaced by a Communist ideology in which the rights of the individual no longer exist and it is only the benefit of the whole that are the only considerations. So what we now have are wolves and the sheep voting on which liberty to attack and destroy next. Individual freedom as is expressed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights was specifically written to protect the individual from the ignorant manipulated rabble promoting the wishes of corrupt politicians or corporate criminals. The next time you take the position that just because you don’t like something others should no longer be allowed to do it, stop and think. How long before something you like to do falls victim to the whims of others that don’t like the fact that you are doing whatever it is you are doing. Either we bring back the concept of individual liberty and hold that concept inviolable or soon no freedom and no liberty will be safe from the fascists and commies which have taken over our Republic.

  46. Jack Griffin says:

    “…GW Pharmaceuticals says people can derive maximum benefit from the drug without feeling a “high.” HOWEVER, “…GW’s website says side effects can include dizziness, which occurs mainly in the first few weeks of treatment, and fatigue.” In other words, it makes you “high” and sleepy, just like smoking pot does, LOL! What a scam…

    LEGALIZE IT ALREADY! Unfortunately, the government does not like the people using anything that makes them THINK; they would MUCH rather have the people drunk and stupid.

  47. Tom says:

    Marijuana . . . Isn’t that the stuff that blows holes in your brain and makes you think like a liberal?

  48. Diego Roswell says:

    Alexza’s staccato technology would be a faster delivery system for this THC medication. Sublingual delivery is not very good for fat soluble molecules and takes longer than deep lung.

  49. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    I’m normally reticent to make predictions, but I will do so in this case. This product will be a flop.

    I’m for the legalization of cannabis on the grounds that it’s none of the federal government’s business. Having said this, “medical marijuana” is nothing more than a surreptitious route to legalization of cannabis for recreational reasons. I understand in states with medical marijuana laws that just about any ailment or affliction qualifies the individual to smoke cannabis legally. The high is what smokers want.

    Only time will tell if I’m right, but my guess is that this product will go over was well as near beer.

    Am I wrong? Only time will tell…..

  50. Clint says:

    An overpriced product that funels U.S. dollars to a British pharmaceutical company is not needed. We ahve a variety of delivery methods hee in California that cost a fraction of what this will be priced at. Read the book: “Marijuana Gateway to Health”

  51. John says:

    And it will only cost you an arm, not an arm and a leg – a little mercy from the pharmaceutical companies on the cost! Seriously, it will be the same problem for patients, one of economics. Why pay hundreds of dollars a month for a spray when you can smoke a plant for substantially less or even free if you grow it?

  52. Ben says:

    Missourians seem to be a very socialist people according to these comments….if I want to smoke cannabis all day long, why the hell is it anyone’s business? It hurts no one, and even if it does make a certain few lazy why is that YOUR business?

  53. Tom says:

    Anybody who buys British-grown pot in a spray can gets what he deserves.

  54. DianeCee says:

    Marijuana is not a drug. It is a weed, It only become dangerous when government tries to control it.

  55. ginnie says:

    In this state, medicare/medicaid patients are being tested for MJ. I do not understand why I am allowed morphine with all its horrible side effects, yet I am not allowed to try MJ. It should be my own choice on how I want to control my pain. Too bad it won’t happen in my life time.

  56. Michael Bisson says:

    I can grow a pot plant for nearly free. I can process it using alcohol, glycerin, or olive oil. I can produce the exact same medicine at home. When “I” do get to do it, I get to choose the strain of Cannabis that is right for my personal needs. I don’t need the pharmaceutical industry getting between me and my all natural plant based remedy. The only patent here is the process used by G.W.Pharma.. No one can patent a common plant.
    Pharmaceutical companies who make money from this miracle plant while the population goes to jail for doing the same thing is as Sherman T. Potter would say…Horse Hockey.

  57. Mark Hillyard says:

    If they don’t get high the present day dopers with pot Rx’ will not want it. I smoked it for a while but gave it up. My brother used it to improve his appetite while dying of cancer. There are uses for it but again if they don’t get high only the serious patients will use the spray.

  58. James Woods says:

    “Medical marijuana” is only “medical” in a few pothead states as far as I know. When you have people running a country that are on dangerous mind-altering prescription and non-prescription drugs you wind up with things like this.

    If it wasn’t for drugs there would be no interest in afghanistan.

  59. Ashley Ramirez says:

    Hey guys, Is the U.S. far better off staying with Syria’s Assad?

  60. where to find ebooks for free says:

    Top-notch story it is definitely. My friend has been waiting for this info.

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