ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Deaths by house fires are down thanks to a program providing new ten-year battery smoke detectors paid for through a federal grant.

Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson reports three fire deaths last year, compared to ten-to-fifteen in a typical year.

“They’re awakened by the smoke detector quickly, so they’re outside screaming for help rather than inside screaming for help,” Jenkerson said.

The chief says the giveaway program, in effect for a few years, has also cut down on fire fighter injuries, because fewer fire fighters are forced to run into burning buildings to rescue residents.

img 3279 Fire Deaths Drop in City    New Smoke Detectors Working Longer

Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson

The chief says city residents who want a new ten-year smoke detector should call the department at 533-3406.

“We will not only give it to you, we will also install it,” Jenkerson said.

Among the other trends in fire fighting , Jenkerson says they’re seeing a lot of dryer fires, as people are running their dryers and lint catches fire while they sleep. He advises everyone to never run a dryer unless you’re home or awake, and always have a smoke detector near your dryer.

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