LAWSON, Mo. (CBS St. Louis) — One Missouri town is looking for a leader, but no residents are raising a hand.

KMBC-TV reports that no one wants to run for mayor of Lawson, a town of 2,400.

“To have actually nobody run is unusual,” Lawson City Administrator Bryan Richison told KMBC. The current mayor, Chris Lanning, is not seeking reelection.

Residents are stunned that no one wants to take the job in their small town.

“Quite not understandable, is it?” one Lawson resident told the station.

Town officials say that there will now be a write-in campaign to fill the mayor position come April 3.

“Depending on what the potential write-in winner does, it can make it real hard or real easy,” Richison told the station, adding that there are infrastructure problems that need to be fixed.

If the person that receives the most write-in votes does not accept the position, then it will be filled by council appointments until the next Municipal Election, The Lawson Review reports.

The town only pays the mayor between $200-$300 per year.

CBS St. Louis reached out to town officials for comment.


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