FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL. (KMOX) – Police continue to look for four women who allegedly beat up a waitress at a Red Lobster Restaurant in Fairview Heights.

Police say the four have a history of violence and it was several weeks ago when they displayed that violence in the crowded restaurant.

Complaining about bad service they were seen throwing a glass of soda into the face of a waitress and then jumping her and punching her.

Patrons of the Red Lobster tried to stop the attack and eventually the four women, two in their twenties and two in their forties, were led out.

The Waitress suffered eye and nose injuries. Fairview Heights Police say If they are caught; they face battery and mob action charges.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Fairview Heights Police at 618-489-2150

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Comments (15)
  1. Chris R says:

    These women were doing the Carnie Shuffle. Complained about the bill, food, or service to get out of paying the bill

    1. Doug says:

      These women need to be lynched. I have no doubt that the women are all blacks and the waitress white.

  2. Al Gore says:

    Nothing new, been going on for 20 years.

  3. Ronnie Reagan says:

    Hey America let’s be sure to keep up all this Diversity nonsense! Wow look at how it`s bringing us all together!!!

    When I grew up it was right after the 60’s and wr had a black class president and didn’t care what color a person was. When my kids grew up they held “Diversity” assemblies where my kids had to sit in assemblies and watch young black girls get up and do skits about “We black and you aint ” and then went on with more racist chants. Now all over the US we have black girls beating people on subways and waitresses. Check today’s news for the story about the black radio DJ who berated the black Council Woman he was interviewing and called her names accusing her of being a white flunky.

    Wake up America the only true racists left is our President and his ignorant liberal idealogues who want to perpetuate the myth simply because they have been brought to power by ranting against it. We need to quit TEACHING our kids to resent!

  4. John H. says:

    A good S&W will solve a lot of these problems.

  5. Joe says:

    Oh gee, they’re black.

    Go figure.

    1. ablecynic says:

      I didn’t even have to read the article to know that. Violence is the African way. To be a black intellectual is to be able to talk while you beat someone. To be a black genius is to be able to text and beat someone at the same time. Always in a gang of course, never by yourself.

    2. michael says:

      yep…african anaimalus. a sick species for certain..

  6. JackRabittSlim says:

    I applaud these ladies. Finally someone is standing up to Red Lobster waitresses and demanding good service! They should check out Olive Garden next.

  7. Joe says:

    Simply a few Obama supporters not paying their bill to donate A LITTLE EXTRA to re elect the POS to the presidency.
    You will being seeing so much of this by Nov. it will be regulated to the back pages of your daily obama supporting newspapers if at all.

  8. JackRabittSlim says:

    Joe, you seem to dislike Obama. Why? Also, do you consider yourself a racist? This is not a joke. I am merely trying to understand where you are coming from with some of your comments.

    1. play nice says:

      Today we are all “Joe”.

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