JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri senators have approved a measure that would require approval from lawmakers or voters before the state makes efforts to set up health insurance exchanges.

Health insurance exchanges allow consumers to shop online for health insurance. The federal health care law gives states until 2014 to establish their own exchanges or have one operated by the federal government.

Legislation approved by the Missouri Senate would bar Gov. Jay Nixon from creating an insurance exchange by executive order. The measure was approved 25-8 and now moves to the Missouri House.

If approved by the Legislature, the measure would go before voters in the November election.

Health insurance exchanges is SB464

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  1. Loral Orow says:

    That’s great to read! So far, MI governor Snyder has said nothing in regards to our Health care questions or the question of whether we can block Obama from our ballot until he shows proof of eligibility, which he cannot do. A Natural Born citizen has been explained over & over again as meaning 2parent citizens at their birth. Obama’s father was never a citizen here. I read a blog that Congress had met 8 times for the purpose of redefining what it means but failed each time. Others know this to be true but say nothing……….they admit they are just staying quiet about it.

    The Obama mandated health care not only is unconstitutional but will bring our health care way down. There will be fewer doctors willing to do through that grueling education to make much less money. Of course the people who quietly pay their bills will be paying for those who don’t.

    I congratulate the citizens of MO for pushing this rightful action!

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