Mike Claiborne

Now that winter has elected to bypass us, I guess it is time to focus on the spring sports.  You know: basketball, hockey, and yes, baseball.

It has been a while since we can speak in a positive tone about all three sports.  The nationally-ranked Mizzou Tigers still have us wondering how far can they go, compared to past seasons when it had the potential of being a struggle.  This Mizzou plays like no other team I have ever seen in Black and Gold.

As for the Billikens of Saint Louis University, the road is a little tougher, but no longer is the gun needed for shooting themselves in the foot.  Postseason is more than in sight.

As for the Blues, the road will have to be their friend, considering how many road games are left.  A goal-scorer or two would be nice, as the so-called future of the organization at times plays like Andy Murray is still the coach…when it comes to inconsistency.  That can no longer happen.  Get it done or get out.  Doug Armstrong has done a masterful job; I trust him.  Push the button on a deal if you have to.

Then there are the Cardinals.  The “defending world champions.”  Nice ring only to be trumped by “back-to-back” world champs.  With that said, the anticipation is growing at a fever pitch for all the right reasons.  The changes will require a program; then again, we already know the replacements.  Let’s get this thing started.

I saved the Rams for last because that is where they stand on my sheet.  Hard to get my arms around that situation.  Let me get his straight: the Rams still want me to buy tickets without one game on the schedule, because someone thought it was a good idea to take a game to London?  What makes matters worse is you have some sheep that think this is a good idea because it creates exposure for St. Louis.

Yep, I’m that stupid.  And shame on anyone for using that one as a reason on why it will be all good.  I find it hard to believe that the hotels and tailgates around the Dome will be full with people from London, because they once saw a Rams game in London.

Sorry, but with one foot out of the door and the political double-talk that seems to be in play, I will sit the Rams thing out if you don’t mind.  Too many other real teams to follow and root for who are committed to St. Louis.

Mike Claiborne hosts “The Dave Sinclair Ford Sports Hub” weeknights from 9p-12a on KMOX.


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