SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) –Under a just passed law, Illinois SWAT units can now attach silencers to their weapons.  The silencer is designed to give police special operations teams the advantage if they find themselves in a firefight .

The sponsor of the measure, state senator Dave Koehler says if police have to enter a room and fire their weapons the silencer allows them to concentrate on their target.

“Hearing loss of up to 15 seconds can make a big difference between whether hostages are killed or not.”

The law passed unanimously. Koehler says the strict guidelines apply only to special police units….for the average person owning a silencer is a class three felony and can get you two to five years in federal prison.

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  1. Tom Liemohn says:

    You are wrong! That penalty only applies to those who do not register their silencers. Now it seems that IL residents will be prevented from registering their silencers. WA state residents, and those in close to 40 other states, allow normal citizens with a clean criminal history to own them after a strict federal registration process is followed. I own about 10 of them.

    1. Don Gwinn says:

      Who is wrong? I assure you, Illinois law not only prevents federal registration under the NFA, but also prohibits possession of NFA items for private citizens. I haven’t looked up the penalties lately, but the ones mentioned in the article sound about right to me.

      Yes, suppressors are legal with registration in terms of federal law, but if the federal NFA 1934 were repealed tomorrow, that by itself wouldn’t make it legal to own suppressors in Illinois. Illinois law would have to change as well. I wish it were otherwise, but it’s not.

  2. Bob A says:

    IL is a real facist anti-gun state. They would disarm every law abiding citizen if they could. You see, the gun cofiscators don’t believe the average citizen should be allowed to protect themselves. Noicet though, the gun confiscators won’t give up their weapons. Their worthless butts are more valuable than yours!

  3. Bob J says:

    Just like us… only better

  4. Snackeater says:

    There are 13 states that do not allow private ownership of suppressors: CA, DE, HI, IA, IL, MA, MI, MO, MN, NJ, NY, RI, VT. Of these, CA, IA, MA, MI and MO allow Class III dealers to own them.

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