ST. LOUIS, Mo,. (KMOX) — Did you know, half of all privately-owned primates in the United States are right here in Missouri.

Many primate owners were at the State Capitol Wednesday to express their concern over pending legislation. A proposed measure would require permits to own them and make it a Class-D Felony to release a primate into the wild.

Primate owner Suzanne Windsor says lawmakers should spend their time more constructively.

“I know of no one who intentionally releases these primates,” she told KMOX. “These animals cost anywhere between $12-$35 thousand and we already have laws on the books to address this issue.”

But speaking out for the bill was Ingrid Porton, primate curator for the St. Louis Zoo. She doesn’t think the measure goes far enough.

Saying people should not own any primate out of safety concerns. Citing the case of the Connecticut woman who had a face transplant last year after she was attacked by a friend’s pet chimpanzee.

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