Kevin Killeen

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KMOX) — Police are asking for the public’s help solving the Superbowl Sunday night burglary at the Hardee’s Iceplex on North Outer 40, where two men in ski masks and gloves got away with about $12,000 cash.

It’s the second burglary at the rink in about a year’s time.  Both times the thieves hit a safe, leading police to believe it may have been someone with inside knowledge of the operation.

“It could have been an employee or a rink rat who has access to all areas of the building,” said Detective Chris Simpson, “There’s constantly people coming and going there.”

Making good use of their time, the two burglars Sunday night pried open a rear door, wheeled out the safe on a dolly, and busted up an ATM and change machine before leaving — all in about ten minutes.

‘I think it was well planned,” Simpson said, “judging by the damage they did to the door and the machines, it wasn’t all that sophisticated. It’s just that they had a plan. They knew what they wanted, and they went after it.”

The burglary last year was similar. Thieves broke in after hours and also hit a safe and ATM machine, Simpson said.

Police say they have no suspects or persons of interest yet. Anyone with information is asked to call Chesterfield police at 636-537-3000.

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