CHICAGO, Ill. (KMOX/IRN) – Gov. Pat Quinn says he’s ready to listen to the debate over proposed legislation that would require handgun owners statewide to register their weapons.

The mayor of Chicago is proposing the statewide legislation. The bill, sponsored by two suburban lawmakers, is aimed at helping police trace the origin and ownership of guns used in crimes and to reduce the transfer of illegal firearms. Quinn says it’s up to lawmakers to decide. “I think it’s important to have the legislature address the issue, you know, and give their wisdom,” Quinn said.

The city of Chicago requires all handgun owners to register their guns with police, but the state of Illinois has no such requirement.

Quinn says there are other gun-related matters the state must focus on, such as creating a ban on assault weapons. “Those are things that I think the people of Illinois, by a wide margin, favor and we should keep an eye on those issues,” Quinn said.

The registry legislation is sponsored by State Reps. Will Davis (D-Homewood) and Rosemary Mulligan (R-Des Plaines).

Metro East State Representative Paul Evans is against the legislation proposed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“Emanuel is proposing that there is an annual $65. registration fee for each handgun, I am incensed by this, this is another attempt by Chicago  can’t to flout the Constitution.”
Evans doesn’t necessarily agree that the bill is designed to help police trace the origin and ownership of guns used in crimes.

“That may be true, but just because its easier, it’s not a justification for ignoring the Bill of Rights, and that’s what they’re saying;  well we haven’t done a good job of controlling violence so we’re going to ignore the Constitution .”

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Comments (3)
  1. ConcernedCitizen101 says:

    :: sarcasm on :: …because criminals will follow this rule and be first on line to register… :: sarcasm off ::

  2. Joe Zingher says:

    A seemingly small issue in Rockford exposes a statewide problem that Pat Quinn, Mike Madigan, Lisa Madigan and John Cullerton have been working very hard to hide from the public to keep the banking industry happy. Every so often, someone is forced to give up their PIN and ATM card and then killed so the killer can clean out their bank account. Data from the Rockford PD shows that somewhere between 3 and 6% of all murders in Illinois involved this crime pattern. That’s 22 to 44 murders in 2010. In order to protect the ATM business model, they’ve even blocked legislation that would expose the problem and help catch the individual killers. Pat Quinn or Lisa Madigan could simply order the state police to disclose the data, but they won’t. As the matter is exposed in other states, people will start asking how it could have gone like this for so long, and the only conclusion is pretty ugly.

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