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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — It’s Valentine’s Day. A day for candy, flowers and love. But it’s also a busy day at the Missouri Suicide Crisis hotline.

Lesley Levin, the President and CEO of Behavior Health Response, says for those who’ve been jilted, divorced or feel unloved, the messages from mass media can be overwhelming.

“There’s lots of hugging and kissing, and everybody looks really really happy and romantic,” said Levin. “Even if you’re in a relationship and its one that doesn’t have a lot of romance to it, you can feel pretty left out.”

Levin offers up some helpful tips to shake away the blues, like buying yourself some flowers or candy. Also taking a bubble bath or getting some exercise can get you in a better mood.

Levin says they’ve beefed up the phone staff as they do on all major holidays.

They’re expecting up to 600 crisis calls, compared to an ordinary day of about 400 calls.

The number to call is 314-469-6644

or 1-800-811-4760.

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  1. Lesley Levin says:


    You did an excellent job on the Valentine’s Day story. Thanks for contacting me.

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