CHICAGO, Ill. (IRN) – An Illinois interest group is suing to invalidate part of the state’s campaign finance law.

Personal PAC, an abortion rights group that supports candidates favorable to its cause, says two provisions of Illinois’ first-ever law limiting campaign contributions are unconstitutional: The $10,000 limit on donations an individual can give to a political action committee, and the proscription against any person operating more than one political action committee.

The Illinois law was enacted in 2009.

Gov. Pat Quinn says he hasn’t seen the lawsuit, but he hopes the limits are maintained. “We have to have reasonable, I think, limits and safeguards, but we have to look at what the current (Personal PAC) lawsuit says in Illinois. We’ll examine that and decide from there,” he said.

Personal PAC filed its suit in federal court in Chicago, asserting its rights under the U.S. Supreme Court decision Citizens United. Personal PAC believes it missed out on tens of thousands of dollars in contributions it could have collected but didn’t, thanks to the Illinois law.

The Personal PAC lawsuit is Personal PAC vs. McGuffage.

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