ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–He was skiing on an “advanced” slope when something went wrong. Authorities in Vail, Colorado say John Sadl, 37, of St. Louis was killed last Tuesday when he crashed into a tree.

“He was wearing a helmet,” said Eagle County Coroner Kara Bettis, “The cause of death was chest injuries. He hit the whole tree with the right side of his chest.”

Sadl, a husband and father of two, was buried this Monday at Resurrection cemetery here. He had worked for almost a year at Woodard Cleaning and Restoration as an operations process administrator.  Before that he had served for years at Six Flags, in human resources and most recently as a labor optimization manager. He also worked four years as a realtor. Sadl was a graduate an UMSL graduate with a B.S. in speech communication.

Investigators in Vail say there were no witnesses at the scene.

“He was found after it happened,” Bettis said, “There’s no way to determine how fast he was going. It doesn’t take much to sustain these types of injuries.”

Sadl is the fourth person to die on the slopes in Vail since the ski season started in late November, including another skier killed by an avalanche. Usually, four-to-six people are killed skiing there annually, authorities say.

Sadl is survived by his wife, Lucy, his son Andrew and daughter Izabela, as well as his parents, John and Ruth Sadl and three siblings, Angela Clinefelter, Eric and Bradley Sadl.

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