Casting call in STL on Fri., Feb. 17, for single men & women for a new CBS series, called “3”. Charlie talks about the details with Maria Skeels, casting producer for Magical Elf. To apply, log on to or

Ray Hartman, St. Louis magazine executive, discusses changes in Major League Baseball that may be favorable to Stan Kroenke getting the Dodgers.

Charlie talks with St. Louis Pediatrician Dr. Pat Wolff, founder of Meds & Food for Kids, about feeding the poor in Haiti. (Log on to

  1. rick says:

    The lies the oil companies and the gas station owners tell:
    1) In 2008 oil went to 146.00 dollars per barrel and gas was at a high in Missouri around $4 a gallon, yet in 2009 and 2010 when oil dropped to $60 to $70 dollars a barrel gas never went below $2.36 per gallon when it should have been below $2.00 a gallon. During that period there was no inflation in the US economy. Even at today’s oil prices gas should only be at $2.90 per gallon.
    2) The major oil companies Exxon, BP, Shell, Chevron etc all have their own drilling rigs, their own transportation systems, their own refines and their own gas stations. Any change in oil prices does not affect them they just make higher profits on the backs of the middle class and the poor.
    3) The majority of the oil to the US comes from the Caribbean, Alaska, South America, Canada, and the north Atlantic, the little oil we get from Saudi Arabia goes to the West Coast not through the Suez Canal so trouble in Egypt, Syria, Iraq should not affect the US, also we get no oil from Libya yet when there was trouble in these areas gas shot up 20 to 50 cents per gallon.
    4) Gas station owners come on TV and say their gas prices don’t reflect current oil prices but prices 6 months ago, yet the day after problems in Egypt and Libya gas shot up 30 to 40 cents per gallon.
    5) Gas stations in the St. Charles area and other areas all change their prices within two to three hours to the same price this is called price fixing, collusion, racketeering, and consumer fraud. And when there is a drop in oil price the price of gas only goes down a few pennies.

    All the people who drive need to contact the States Attorney General and file a complaint against the station you buy gas, maybe if enough people complain the states attorney will finely represent the public. Also contact your congress people to stop tax breaks and subsidies to the oil companies, put a price freeze on gas at 2009 or 2010 prices, require strict regulation on oil rigs, and allow more drilling off the east and west coast.

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