JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – A Missouri House member wants the state to change who is listed in its sex offender registry and what information is available about them.

A bill sponsored by Republican Rodney Schad, of Versailles, would exempt people from registering if they have been convicted of some non-contact offenses, such as indecent exposure. Only the names and information of people convicted of the most serious sex crimes would be listed on a state website.

The website would not include the school and work and addresses of adult sex offenders, nor any information about juvenile offenders.

About 12,000 people are currently on Missouri’s active sex offender registry. Schad says the current format makes it difficult to tell which offenders pose a danger to the public.

Sex offender bill is HB1700

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Comments (3)
  1. stlwife44 says:

    The current sex offender laws in Missouri needs to be reformed. There is no way to determine what level risk a sex offender is by looking at the existing sex offender registry the way it stands. Not every sex offense is the same, and not every offense on the registry is a felony offense. Excessive amounts of money, time, and personnel are expended to enforce these current restrictive laws based on the registry. The registry was designed to help protect children, instead it has ruined many of their lives.

  2. yellowroselady says:

    As I see it this bill will serve the Missouri public better than ever before. Many states are grappling with the same issue…not surprising since the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children show more than 760,000 men women and children required to registry across the nation. This article addresses how many of that number are from Missouri. The “crimes” that can currently award a person a place on the registry are urinating in public, soliciting, sexting, prostitution, Romeo & Juliet relationships, viewing suggestive or abusive images of anyone under the age of 18. And, not knowing the true age is not defensible, false accusations by an angry soon-to-be ex-wife, girlfriend or spiteful student, mooning, molestation, rape and incest.
    Patty Wetterling, mother of Jacob Wetterling, has stated, “The thing that is hard to remember is that all people on a registry are not the same, and we need to distinguish between them, ”
    Law enforcement cannot actively monitor all the registrants. The chief
    probation officer in an Arizona county told Human Rights Watch,
    “Lawmakers have no idea the kind of burden they put on law enforcement
    when they increase the number of offenders who must register.” (HUMAN
    So, MO is on the cutting edge of addressing a problem that all the states are wrestling with. A plan that will serve the public, stop throwing money at a system that is BROKEN and save the taxpayers money.

    Vicki Henry
    Women Against Registry

  3. iwantreform says:

    A sensible lawmaker who truly has missouri citizens, not reelection, as his goal in office. Kudos to your proposal.

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