This week’s roundtable panel guests are Missouri State Senator John Lamping, St. Louis Alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett, and President of the St. Louis Labor Council Bob Soutier.

Mayor Slay’s Chief of Staff Jeff Rainford on the disputed numbers in the firefighters pension dispute.

Mark talks with two native St. Louisians Mark and Brian Gunn about the new movie they wrote starring Dwayne Johnson, “Journey 2.”

  1. B says:

    With regard to firefighter pensions, the city is required by law to pay the required contribution certified by the Board of Trustees. The certified contribution was $21.1 million and is in the minutes to thier meeting which is public record. By law, that is what the city must contribute, not the $31.4 million Slay was projecting nor the $29 million Rainford is now stating. Since this is a very easily verified number why do you not hold Mr. Rainford’s feet to the fire when he makes up highly inflated numbers just to inrage taxpayers. Yes, city pension costs for firefighters actually went down last year!

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