ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOX) — Trouble sleeping? A local researcher finds it may affect your memory later on.

Washington University neurologist Yo-El Ju says disrupted sleep appears to be associated with the build-up of amyloid plaques, a hallmark marker of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Ju says in her study people who woke up more than five times per hour had a higher chance of having pre clinical alzheimer’s disease compared to those who didn’t wake up as much.

Same thing if you spend less than 85 percent of your time in bed actually sleeping. But Ju says there was no association with memory problems later in life and the amount of sleep you get.

One key bit of advice for getting quality sleep? Dr. Ju says try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

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  1. stlmom4 says:

    No doubt memory and sleep are related but it’s often not as easy as routines. Any neurotoxin can cause issues. Mine was mercury from my dental fillings. Challenge test had my mercury levels extremely elevated. Had them replaced with special procedures to minimize further poisoning and that very day was the last of decades of debilitating migraines, PMS, hypoglycemia, “Reynaud’s symptom-type blue nails when chilled, and chronic insomnia. Also gone were the ever-increasing issues blamed on issues related to hormonal changes during perimenopause like very heavy flow, brain fog, lack of focus, difficulty in echoing rooms like gyms as well as ankle stiffness. All gone that day without returning and all blamed on everything else. Once you’ve got a good routine down, eliminated caffeine, etc. and still have issues, look further. So thankful for relief!

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