KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) – Visitors were quarantined briefly after one of the Kansas City Zoo’s five gorillas got out of its habitat and roamed into a non-public feeding area.

Zoo spokeswoman Julie Neemeyer said the gorilla was found in an area of the Africa exhibit where zookeepers feed the animals. The zoo then issued a “code red,” which means an animal has escaped.

Visitors were taken out of the Africa exhibit area when the incident occurred Sunday afternoon and asked to stay inside until zoo workers got the gorilla back in its habitat.

The animal was contained shortly afterward, and no injuries were reported.

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  1. Born Free USA says:

    This incident demonstrates, yet again, that it is incredibly difficult to contain wild animals. Not only do zoos pose a threat to public safety, but they do a disservice to animals. The gorillas at the Kansas City Zoo were completely deprived of their natural social structure, their natural 3 mile range, and the ability to forage for food as they would in the wild.

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