Mike Claiborne

The Rams have the final piece of their holy trinity in place. Aside from COO Kevin Demoff and coach Jeff Fisher, Les Snead has been hired as the new general manager.  At times I wonder if all three were not given an envelope with instructions on what is needed to salvage a floundering operation — that could be considered  a Mission Impossible.

This tape will not self-destruct in five seconds, but certainly the relationship between team and fans could in the future.

Les Snead comes with solid credentials from Atlanta. I will remind you that so did Billy Devaney. Snead made it clear that he and Jeff Fisher are joined at the hip in this venture to bring respectability back to the Rams. Just like when Devaney and Steve Spagnuolo were fired on the same day for the same failed mission.

So what makes this situation different? Is it the fact that Fisher is a proven coach over that skill set of Spagnuolo? Perhaps. Other than that, what makes you feel better about the Rams now than you did three years ago?  When you were excited about the energy level and “four pillars” concept that Spagnuolo brought to the party?

If it sounds like I am apprehensive about the moves the Rams have made, then you are right. I want this team to do better, or at least I did at one point. Because of how ownership has treated St. Louis with the posturing about the lease and the moving of a game to London, I have lost interest. 

Not to worry, though, as some of my media colleagues will take the bait because they just want football.  Some would think anything the Rams would float out there would be a good idea.  And we are supposed to just sign off on it, no questions asked.

Not so fast, my friend.

The Rams could say they are going to hire Phil Jackson as a special teams coach,  and you would have someone thinking it would be a good idea:

“What, he is a basketball coach? What an ingenious move. Maybe his winning ways will be contagious on football players.”

That is how gullible it can be with some folks.  You and I should be smarter.

As for the hires, I really hope it works.  And while I have elected to check out of Hotel Ram until this lease issue has a resolution, I would love for the product on the field to be better.

It is my sincere hope that there is some back-channeling taking place where there can be a deal done to keep the Rams here.  But until there is more done, I will take a pass on the Rams and the rhetoric.  While I have a responsibility to listeners and readers to provide information about the team, as a fan I will sit this one out ’til further notice.

In the meantime, I am sure there will be Kool Aid for everyone.

Mike Claiborne hosts “The Sports Hub” weeknights from 9p-12a on KMOX.


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