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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Monday morning, University of Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden issued a message entitled ‘A Letter to Tiger Nation‘ stating the changes that have already begun to take place in preparation of Mizzou’s first season as part of the Southeastern Conference.  Most of the changes are directly connected to the football program, which includes Faurot Field, ticket prices, and the Tigers’ uniforms.

Changes to Faurot Field begin with the playing surface. Along with upgrades to the artificial turf, they will enlarge the mid-field Tiger logo, add SEC logos, and change the end zone name from ‘Missouri’ to Mizzou’ while keeping the diamond pattern.  ‘Marching Mizzou’ (MU’s band), is moving to end of the student section at the southeast corner opening more room for the Touchdown Terrace Seating that Alden expects to be sold out for every game.

Next to that is the southwest corner where the opposing team’s fans traditionally sit, and there’s no indication that location will change.  Yet, Alden mentions the opponent allotment will expand from 3,800 to 6,000 due to the greater amount of traveling in the SEC than the Big 12 Conference.

Student, faculty and staff ticket prices will remain unchanged, while otherwise prices will increase.  The message reads that the 2012 ticket prices at Faurot will be average for the SEC. Ticket prices for a single conference game in 2011 averaged $58.30, while the average price for a Missouri ticket was $31. Renewals for season tickets will be come out as soon as the schedule has been completed. Currently, it is one short of the 12-game schedule.

On April 14, 2012, at the Black and Gold Spring Football Game, the Tigers will reveal the new uniform design from Nike. The change to the look will focus much more on the Tiger logo than the traditional “block M”.

That game will also mark the first time Faurot Field does not allow fans to ‘pass-out’.  If a fan exits the stadium, they will not be allowed to re-enter.

The first SEC game for Mizzou will be against Georgia on Saturday, September 8.

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  1. UlizithOw says:

    they can’t leave the SEC for the B10?? Going to the SEC right now assures them of a safe dinlang spot. You’re essentially asking them to play without a net. It is a very real possibility that the B12 implodes, the B10 doesn’t expand, and the SEC moves on. Then what does Mizzou do?? Mountain West? I’m not trying to predict how the dynamics will play out. But the point is their decision was made in an effort to stabilize their position. These leaders are in charge of an institution. They can’t simply gamble with that, which is what you are essentially telling them to do. Its reckless and completely irresponsible.As far as them competing in the SEC, you’re also assuming their recruiting profile won’t change. They will start picking up better recruits now. And let’s face it, its not as though they dominated the B12. They were a mediocre program in the B12 and that is what they’ll be in the B10. And in terms of Men’s Basketball, they’ll be one of the top teams.I’m no fan of MU and would love nothing more than for them to get owned in the SEC. But the reality is they are certainly no worse off, and they’ve just bought a lot of stability.You’re also assuming the B12

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