Today,  Kevin finds not everyone loves the annual Mardi Gras celebration…


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  1. Melike says:

    ..wrong during the Depression for emlxpae, crime from whites was at an all time high, why black crime was if we want to talk about violence whites used to stand in circles and set black people on fire, rape black women for no reason, castrate black men, bomb black elementary schools, set blacks houses on fire .drag blacks from trucks .jump blacks who were spotted alone etc .whites are not as violent anymore because you have money back then, most whites were poor.

  2. Terry B. Moses says:

    Most of what happened to blacks back then happened in the South where the white southerners had not yet come to terms with the Civil War. In some cases that still exists. Missouri as a border state has sentiment both ways. There are plenty of racists everywhere but I don’t think most of the violence against black people back decades ago occured in the North. Now violence exists everywhere especially in large cities and metro areas.

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