WASHINGTON, DC (KMOX) — A Missouri woman is concerned that a rule proposed by the United States Labor Department will lead to further deterioration of the traditional family farm.

Speaking as a guest on Total Information AM, Chris Chinn explained how she recently traveled to Washington to speak out against a proposed ban on children 15 and under working on a farm that’s not wholly owned by their family.

Her own son is 10 years old and loves helping out on the farm.

“If these rules were past he wouldn’t be allowed to help around any of our livestock,” said Chinn. “And that really concerns me because right now that is were he’s going to learn a lot of the small details.”

She’s worried a lack of exposure to farm work at an early age would mean children won’t have the skills to continue the farming tradition once they reach age 16.

Listen to Chris Chinn’s full interview below:


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  1. stlmom4 says:

    Youth certainly can benefit from farm work and thoroughly enjoy it…as long as they’re also in school regularly. In fact, some schools actually have farm work as a small part of the curriculum; it’s very valuable and gives them a good physical workout. I’m guessing the intent is to protect children working on migrant farms and the like. Those intentions would be admirable but they’re impacting many many more very negatively.

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