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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Though the St. Louis Rams and the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission came to an agreement on Tuesday to allow one game to take place in London for the 2012 NFL season, there is no stopping owner Stan Kroenke’s pursuit of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Though the NFL cross-ownership rules may eventually become a matter, Kroenke could be the lucky bidder in April that will set a record for all North American sports franchises by purchasing the Dodgers for an anticipated $1.5 billion.  The list got shorter by one on Tuesday when former Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley withdrew according to the Los Angeles Times.

O’Malley, who took over the Dodgers after his father Walter died in 1979, sold the team to FOX’s NewsCorp in 1997 for a reported $350 million.

The last owner, Frank McCourt, bought the team for $430 million in 2004. McCourt says he will keep the parking lots and land surrounding Dodger Stadium, yet a TV contract perhaps exceeding $4 billion awaits the winning bidder.

Reportedly, the list may be cut in half to five bidders as early as the end of the week when the next round of offers are made.  If Kroenke makes the next round, then he will be a finalist.  After that, a finalist will be chosen.

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  1. Statistics says:

    KP And besides of the mess of the Dodgers no one itwhin the organization much less the league hierarchy themselves are completely clear as to amassed debt of the Dodgers. It ranges anywhere from between $300 million to as high as $ 700 million. There had to have been a reason why McCourt wanted that $ 3 billion tv deal with the local Fox affiliate pre-approved by the league as that was his last chance to salvage the wreckage now known as the Dodgers . As bad as the Dodgers’ plight may well be the Mets’ situation could very well end up being far worse when you consider the repercussions should the civil suit go against and the entire . tophatal ..

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