Chris Chinn is a 5th generation hog farmer who lives in Clarence, Missouri.  We talked with her about proposed legislation in Congress that would prohibit her children from working on the family farm.

The Million Mustache March is coming in April!  We talked with “Dr.” Aaron Perlut about the American Mustache Institute and how they got the ball rolling on this major project.

Tom Ackerman was joined by Kevin Wheeler from Jupiter where the Cardinals are rolling into spring training.

  1. Verina Alexander says:

    Inregards to the Farm & Children news story. The law is completely unjust. Debbie’s comments that she thinks legislation was aiming at corporate ‘big’ farms is way off base. This law won’t hurt corporate or big farming – this hurts the average Joe small farmer who relies on their children to help them stay afloat. Our current government leadership knows exactly what they are doing – pushing to put the small farmer out of business. Currently it’s the smalller town, middle America citizens who are still holding steadfast to true values of teaching their children right from wrnog and that hard work does pay off and if you live a decent life, study hard, work hard and earn your living anyone can be successful. I’m not saying it’s just farm children who have those values but Doug and Debbie, you said it yourself – in today’s ‘me, me, me – you owe me’ world where most kids just sit on their duffs playing games, eating prefab food and gaining wait, expecting the world to GIVE them what they need – well, small town, middle-class America, the average Joe, the farmer, the small business owner – they are still trying to teach their children values which includes working. Milking cows, driving a tractor, helping with the harvest, heck even mowing the lawn for your own family or your elderly neighbors or someone in need. With this law that will all stop. Another piece of what made American the true America that we’ve all grown up with, love and respect – well that will die. Our current goverment needs to stay out of farmers and families lives. As the story goes – when I was little, I rode a bike, played double-dare, kick-the-can, built forts, shot a bb gun and I’m still alive and I’m better for it, etc, etc…. Tell Government to turn their eyes inward and do something smart with their time like voting themselves NO Raises and a maximum of 2 terms and that they have to use ObamaHealthcare and stay out of middle-class America’s homes we can handle ourselves!

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