MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. (AP) — A Wyoming-based company is considering building a plant in southwest Missouri that would process horse meat for human consumption.

Unified Equine is conducting a feasibility study on a plan to build a plant just east of Mountain Grove near the Wright-Texas county line.

Unified Equine is a company created by Wyoming state legislator Sue Wallis last November after Congress approved a bill allowing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to begin inspections for horse meat and plants.

Wallis said that she is confident the plant will open, perhaps this year.

Supporters say the plant would bring jobs and put suffering or neglected horses out of their misery.

Critics say they can’t stomach the idea of horses being processed for meat.

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  1. foster mom says:

    B-O-L-O-G-N-A, they don’t just put sick and old horses out of their misery, who the hell to they think they are fooling!

  2. Wilfredo says:

    Thanks man! New Orleanians rock aalyws have, aalyws will! I am expecting the worst (tho’ nowhere near really prepd for it) and hoping for the best. I am in the Spring area (surely soon to be absorbed by Houston for the tax money), so hoping the winds won’t be soooooo bad (tho’ Cat 1 winds are projected for even 40 miles north of me).I will post updates to Myspace as long as I have power.Peace and thanks! Blessings of the Goddess upon y’all as well!Elspeth

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