KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Police are reviewing surveillance footage hoping to learn who has been shooting out windows at the Kansas City Star’s downtown production facility.

The newspaper reports the most recent damage was discovered Thursday morning on the west side of the building. Two other incidents since late January involved windows shot on the facility’s north side.

The Star says it costs about $7,000 to fix each of the large windows. Vandals targeted the large, mostly glass building just south of the Sprint Center dozens of times before its opening in 2006. In two years before the facility opened, 46 of its windows were damaged.

No employees were hurt in any of the shootings, but Star officials say the building is occupied almost around the clock.

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  1. ELHAM says:

    “but the article did not point this out and isowhng the video without pointing out that what he was doing was not typical…not normal… but basically a bleeding-edge “stunt” .”Of course it’s a bleeding edge stunt. Why do you have a problem with that? It’s an amazing video. What, if anything, would you consider “normal” about flying at 180mph at that altitude in a one person jet wing? Perhaps he should be required to post a “truth in flying” disclaimer at the beginning of the video.Get over yourself.

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