EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (KMOX) – What does the chief of police in East St. Louis think of the Chicago mayor’s idea to cut down on illegal gun trading in Illinois by creating a $65 per year fee for handgun registry?

KMOX News asked Michael Floore, and here’s what he said, ” I think it’s a great idea. Maybe it will help us cut down on crime.”

East St. Louis mayor Alvin Parks agrees, saying he’s willing to meet with Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel in Springfield to discuss the details and ask lawmakers to pass a registry bill.

St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly is not a proponent, “What we need is more resources in terms of law enforcement and more money for Illinois State Police, not just in East St. Louis, but also in Chicago, to make sure we can prosecute people that aren’t going to pay attention to gun laws. The reason they won’t pay attention is because they’ll use the guns to commit crime.”

Kelly, Parks, and Floore took part in a “Stop the Violence” march, Saturday, in East St. Louis. That city recorded 30 murders last year and has four already this year.

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  1. Miles Stoneman says:

    Exactly HOW will requiring law-abiding citizens to pay a new “gun-tax’ and register their guns reduce crime? Those citizens are not the ones using guns in criminal activities. And I doubt if criminals will register their guns and pay the new tax. What WILL work is concealed carry legislation. If criminals believed that many of the persons whom they might victimize were armed, they might rethink a life of crime as their career.

  2. stlmom4 says:

    I don’t have a problem with Registering the guns, or even a one-time fee.

    An ANNUAL fee is questionable, especially $65 a year.

    Having law-abiding citizens registering the guns affect crime because these guns are often stolen or used for crimes by others in the household or having access to household (drug use inspired, etc.)

    1. Miles Stoneman says:

      There is already a registration of every gun I own which I’ve purchased from a FFL. Further, I’m required to keep a registration of any gun I privately sell for at least 10 years. I politely beg to disagree that registering my guns, especially paying a gun-tax, will keep my guns from being stolen or used by others in the household for criminal purposes. Only disarming me would accomplish that, and I DO BELIEVE that disarming me and others is in fact the intention of this legislation.

    2. Bill says:

      You don’t know too much about this subject aside from your “feelings” do you?

      1. I’m convinced that most “anti-gun” ordinary people are genuinely interested in safety, but the “anti-gun” politicians have twisted the facts with the help of the media for so long, that these good people just don’t know the truth. When confronted with the truth, they are justly confused. The shooting in Ohio, for instance. How would a gun registration fee have prevented that? It wouldn’t have. And the “anti-gun” politicians know that. They are interested in disarming us, not increasing the safety of the citizens they pretend to represent. And the stealth methods they choose is misinformation and deception.

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