Mike Claiborne

Now that the trade deadline has come and gone, we may as well say “here we go again” — again.

Just when you thought the Blues were in a position to take the next step forward with respect to an extended stay in the playoffs now and for the future, ownership has let them down. Both the current and future ownership has put the Blues in a bind. A team that is need of a goal scorer had to take a pass because there is no money to pay on a bigger contract.

Don’t buy the notion that they did not want to mortgage the future. Despite all the news you hear about the future players in the wings, they cannot all play here. Think so? Ask Ben Bishop why he was traded. There was no room for him, so the Blues did the wise thing and moved him for a draft pick.

Let’s get to the ownership for a minute. The current owner has checked out.  He did everything to keep it but just ran out of money.  Hence the inability to bring on a bigger salary. Where have we heard that tune before?

The future ownership group, led by St. Louisans, is having a problem with their financing and is in a quandary in buying the team outright. So much for being able to sit in the corner box and act and look like an owner. If the alleged future ownership group had the money, don’t you think they would have given a wink to the current owner to take on additional salary as they could cover it?

Before you start going legal eagle on me, there are ways they could have made it happen. Now that both groups have messed this thing up, we are stuck with excuses that are more than just comical. How about the one that goes like this … “to get Alexander Steen and Matt D’Agostini back is like a having a trade deadline deal.” Really? Seeing that both are suffering from concussions, when do you think they can return to lead the way to the Cup?

Oh, you don’t know? What if it takes as long as it did for both Andy McDonald and David Perron to come back? By then we will be well into the summer talking about when Blues training camp will start.

Another good excuse … the Blues are counting on Chris Stewart and Patrick Bergland to step up and contribute more. Can’t wait to see the Blues push the button that starts them up after being underachievers for the last 60 games. Should be fun to see them play like Peter Forsberg and Mark Messier for the next three months.

Hey folks, I get it. The Blues don’t have any money.  The sad thing is that they are wasting the time and talent of General Manager Doug Armstrong. He has done a masterful job in putting this thing together only to see it delayed by the ineptness of those above to get the job done.

Yep, here we go again.


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